Our Social Innovation Centers: overcoming the challenges of societal transformation

Faced with the challenges of ongoing societal transformation, the University of Bordeaux has created a highly innovative new service within the field of higher education and research: Social Innovation Centers.

  • 29/06/2017

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These Social Innovation Centers (SIC) provide an interface between the world of research and the socio-economic environment and aim to support social innovation via a range of devices (tools, expertise, training, etc.). In other words, the SICs bring together scientific knowledge from laboratories/research teams and the working world, thus ensuring that such knowledge may be accessed and used as needed. The beneficiaries are socio-economic players, students in initial or ongoing training, public-sector players, the scientific community of Bordeaux, civil society, etc.

A relevant and complementary range of services to help shed light on societal changes

Today, the University of Bordeaux counts seven projects in various fields that are certified as Social Innovation Centers:

Our collaboration is based on a regular transfer of methodology that ensures the progressive improvement of skills within Michelin’s Technological Intelligence team.

Nicolas Dubuc — Chief Knowledge and Technology Intelligence Officer, Michelin

Within these SICs, collaboration takes place in various ways, for example: joint research, studies, prototyping, training, Open Lab, tutored projects commissioned to students in the relevant subjects by socio-economic players. In this way, the links between the University of Bordeaux and its environment are strengthened.

The range of services offered by these centers will continue to develop in the years to come with the ultimate aim of creating a unified Social Innovation Center for the University of Bordeaux. Such a Center would simplify access for partners to the knowledge and expertise of our university and would greatly foster a multidisciplinary approach to meet the societal challenges of tomorrow.