The University of Bordeaux in La La Land!

The University of Bordeaux participated at NAFSA, the annual North American conference and tradeshow, which took place in Los Angeles, California from the 30th May until the 2nd June.

  • 11/06/2017

This is the third year that our University has participated at NAFSA*, as part of our international conference schedule.** Representing the university were Deputy Vice-President for International Relations, Prof. Laurent Servant, Director of International Relations, Véronique Debord-Lazaro and International Communications Manager, Glenda Gilmore.

The NAFSA conference represents an opportunity for our University to establish and reinforce collaboration in education and research with universities that are based not only in North America but also throughout the world. The conference brings together around 10,000 participants from 100 countries and 400 exhibitors who represent more than 3,500 institutions worldwide.

This year, over 20 meetings were organized during the 3 day event with partners such as the University of Waterloo, University of Cincinnati, Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP) Sao Paolo, the University of Buenos Aires, Kyoto University and Novosibirsk State University. In addition, the University of Bordeaux featured on the conference agenda! Along with our close partners, NTU and the University of Tsukuba, Prof. Laurent Servant presented a session on the topic of the “Campus in Campus” project.

Even in this era of modern technology, face to face meetings remain extremely valuable, strengthening and accelerating our relations with partners.

Véronique Debord-Lazaro — Director International Relations

Prior to participating at the NAFSA conference, the University of Bordeaux representatives travelled to Northern Arizona University (NAU) to partake in their partner’s day. An ideal opportunity to focus on this dynamic partnership with productive discussions held concerning the further development of the Interdisciplinary Global Program which promotes student mobility between our establishments. The possibility of creating a double degree at Bachelor/Master level within the field of science and technology was also evoked and will be studied closely in the follow-up to this trip.

“This year, the opportunities for networking and developing cooperation were multiplied with the dual event of the NAU partner’s day and the NAFSA conference. Our participation in both events proved highly productive thanks to concrete discussions with key contacts". (V. Debord-Lazaro)

Next year the NAFSA conference will take place in Philadelphia from the 29th May to the 1st June.

*NAFSA, Association of International Educators, is the largest non-profit association in the world, dedicated to international education and exchanges.

**The University of Bordeaux participates in spring at the APAIE conference for the Asia & Oceania zone, and in autumn at the EAIE conference for the European zone.