University of Cincinnati

A public, multidisciplinary institution, the University of Cincinnati is renowned for the excellence of its research and features at the top of several national and international ranking systems.

In a nutshell

UC is ranked among the 25 best public research universities in the United-States*. Over 44 000 students (including 3 000 international students) attend the campus, well-known for its beauty (Forbes Magazine).

Our collaboration

Collaboration between the University of Cincinnati and the University of Bordeaux started in 2014. The partnership’s strong institutional dimension covers education, research and innovation. Various fields of study are concerned: aeronautics, archeology, architecture, bio-imaging, biology, business and management, chemistry, engineering, European studies, neuroscience and epidemiology.

Dates and key figures 

  • Since May 2014: Two official delegations from UC have visited Bordeaux and two official UBx delegations have visited Cincinnati.
  • 2015: Signature of a multidisciplinary student exchange agreement.
  • Since February 2015: Exchanges of lecturer-researchers (9 lecturer-researchers from UC welcomed to UBx; 2 UBx lecturer-researchers welcomed to UC).
  • Since May 2015: Development of short study programs (“Study Tours”) for American and French students; associating virtual and physical mobility (European studies, chemistry, engineering, management).
  • October 2015: Signature of a convention for the implementation of a joint diploma in aeronautic maintenance (opening in September 2017).
  • On-going: Various research projects in mechanics, aeronautics, epidemiology and chemistry.
  • 2016: Financial support obtained from the Erasmus+ International Mobility Credits program to encourage student and staff mobility between the two universities.

Our partnership with the University of Bordeaux is the model we hold up when discussing potential strategic partnerships around the world.

Raj Mehta — Vice-President of International Relations, UC

The beginning

1870: UC was established by the merger of Cincinnati College and the Medical College of Ohio, created in 1819.

* National Science Foundation

Updated on 25/07/2019

More information

For more information, please consult the UC website.