Governance & strategy

The University of Bordeaux is a public scientific, cultural and professional institution. It is managed by a President who is elected by its executive board, and is composed of governing bodies, administrative components and departments.


Our missions support a driving ambition to further develop as a "Campus of Excellence":

  • Provide a broad range of high quality academic programs, from undergraduate studies to research projects
  • Support our students with professional orientation and integration guidance
  • Promote scientific and technological research, and the findings of such research
  • Participate in the development and internationalization of the European higher education and research system
  • Promote our international collaboration via strategic partnerships and alliances


The Presidence is made up of the President (elected for 4 years by the members of the executive board) and Vice-Presidents. The President has the overall responsibility of running the university along with the help of the Vice-Presidents according to their specific functions.

Central councils

The legislative power at the university is in the hands of the central councils - the executive board and the academic council - whose members are elected by the academic community. These committees are chaired by the President of the university.

The executive board decides on the institution’s policy.

Made up of 80 elected members divided into two committees (the research committee and the training and academic life committee), the academic council ensures that there is consistency and coordination between the training and research policies.


The administrative structure is divided into seven divisions and three major departments based on grouping by theme, administrative simplification, proximity and the quality of the service rendered. These divisions are designed as coordination and leadership structures and are to be found at every level: colleges, departments and campus administration centers.

Updated on 02/02/2022