Kyoto University

The second oldest university in Japan, Kyoto University is a member of the Association of National Japanese Universities since 2004.

In a nutshell

Kyoto University, ranked second best Japanese University in 2018 (ARWU), is one of the 13 higher education Japanese establishments participating in “Top Global University Project”. This program, created by the Japanese Ministry of higher education, aims to develop a group of universities of excellence, at an international level. Kyoto University counts 10 colleges, 18 graduate schools and 14 research institutes (the largest amount in Japan).With three campuses (Yoshida, Uji, Katsura); Kyoto University welcomes over 23,000 students, including 2,000 international students.

Our collaboration

Since 2013, the University of Bordeaux has been developing its collaboration with Kyoto University through the Bordeaux Initiative of Excellence (the Bordeaux International Support – BIS program) and the Kyoto SPIRITS program.

In May 2014, a framework agreement was signed and several flagship projects were identified to reinforce the partnership that already covers various fields of research: chemistry (with the International Associated Laboratory “Chiral nanostructures for photonic applications”), public health and computer sciences.

Since 2014, a symposium is regularly organized between the two universities. This event has led to shared ideas on joint research in the following fields: urban governance, cultural heritage sciences, computer science, materials sciences, nutrition and alimentation science, medical imagery, public health and transfer and innovation procedures. 

Dates and key figures

  • Since 2007: Specific exchange agreement for medical students.
  • May 2014: Organization of the first Bordeaux-Kyoto symposium (organized in Bordeaux) and signature of a framework agreement.
  • May 2015: Organization of the second Bordeaux-Kyoto symposium (organized in Kyoto) and signature of a student exchange agreement.
  • 2016: Financial support obtained from the Erasmus+ International Mobility Credits program to encourage student and personnel mobility between the two universities.
  • 2017: Organization of another symposium in Bordeaux with industral partners in order to discuss innovation and imaging research. Signature of a double-degree at PhD level within the domain of science and technology and joint organization of a summer school (Neurepiomics) in Kyoto.
  • 2018: Joint organization of an International Stroke Genetics Consortium workshop
  • 2019: Bordeaux-Kyoto visit to Addis-Abeba in Ethiopia with a focus on the topics of sustainable cities, health and African studies. Extension of the partnership to polymer chemistry and the organisation of a symposium (2019 LCPO-KIPS Polymer International Symposium). Selection of the University of Bordeaux to integrate the Kyoto University strategic partner network "Strategic Partnership for the Enhancement of Research Capacity"
  • 2020: Visit of a Kyoto delegation to Bordeaux to discuss new collaborations and the aim of implementing a joint cooperation funding project within the framework of the strategic partnership.

As an international hub for a generation of cutting-edge knowledge, and a center for the cultivation of outstanding global human resources for the 21st century, Kyoto University seeks to deepen its multi-faceted collaboration with UBx as a valued international partner.

Kayo Inaba — Vice-President of Kyoto University

The beginning

1897: Kyoto University was founded as an imperial university of Japan

Updated on 24/03/2020

More information

For more information, please consult the Kyoto University website.