After the doctorate

The doctorate is a professional qualification that opens up career opportunities in the academic and/or non-academic world.

According to the European Researcher Charter, doctoral graduates are considered as “researchers at the beginning of their career" during the first four years of their research activity, including the period of researcher training. Doctoral graduates may therefore consider their doctorate as already a professional experience.

Recruitment opportunities

The career development of doctoral students is the priority of the Graduate Research School. A list of recent jobs openings in all disciplines (academic and/or non-academic), in France and abroad, is proposed below.

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Should you wish more information about applying for the higher education qualification and/or applying for the HDR or ADT qualification, please consult the dedicated webpages

Updated on 25/07/2019

Association service

Stéphanie Danaux
Officer for Partnership with Doctoral Students Associations

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Professional service

Blanche Masclef
Project Officer for "Training Expertise and Career Pursuit"

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