If you are an international student in Bordeaux, you must request a resident card. Find out how!

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Summer office

Our summer office dedicated to international "student" resident cards is open from June 11th until July 26th and from August 19th until September 20th.

This office offers personalized assistance for questions about:

  • renewing “student” resident cards,
  • applying for a summer “récépissé”,
  • booking an appointment to apply for a “student” resident card for 2019/2020.

Student resident card unit

The WCIR coordinates with the prefecture a one-stop "student" resident card unit, open to students and trainees applying for a student resident card or its renewal in the Gironde region.  This service is available upon appointment from September 23rd until December 20th 2019 in the presence of the prefecture.

Schedule an appointment

Appointments are available as of July 1st 2019. To schedule an appointment, please consult this page. The student resident card unit will be open Monday to Friday from 8h40 to 16h20.


Please print out the email confirmation and attached document for your appointment. This proves the appointment date if your permit is due to expire during the time of processing by the Prefecture. These documents must be presented during the appointment.

Don't be late!

Applications to renew the resident card must be completed within the 2 months prior to the expiration of the current resident card. Any appointments made after the expiry date will result in a fine of 180€ in tax stamps.

All appointments made online are confirmed by an email notification. The date of this email is used as proof of the application request when the administrative offices are processing the request. This information is important for those applicants whose resident card expires before the date of the appointment.

Immigration & visas

  • EU nationals: you do not need a visa and resident card. A valid form of ID or passport is sufficient.
  • Non-EU nationals: please consult the French Embassy website in your country for information about the procedures to be followed. Upon your arrival, you must request a temporary resident card, specifying “student” status.
  • For more information about immigration procedures in France, please consult this page. Applications to renew the resident card must be completed within the 2 months prior to the expiration of the current resident card. Any appointments made after the expiry date will result in a fine of 180€ in tax stamps.

Updated on 24/07/2019


Summer office
Monday to Friday from 9h15 to 13h00 and 14h00 to 17h00

166 Cours de l'Argonne
33000 Bordeaux

+33 (0)5 56 33 80 88
Contact by email

Online appointment

Appointments for student resident card renewals for the next academic year are available as of July 1st, 2019.

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