Colleges & Institutes

The University of Bordeaux organizes its multidisciplinary educational offer according to four main colleges and three institutes.

College of Law Political Science, Economics, Management

Promoting a policy of innovative, dynamic study programs that strongly interact with the socio-economic environment.

College of Health Sciences

Offering a wide range of programs and expertise within the domain of Life and Health Sciences.

College of Human Sciences

Offering sixty initial and vocational courses via five different faculties.

College of Science and Technology

Proposing programs in the following fields: mathematics and applications, information technology, physics, engineering sciences, chemistry, biology, earth and environmental sciences.

Institute of Technology

Offering a range of technology courses that have a strong emphasis on specific employment requirements and the integration of the working world. 

Institute of Education

Training Master students who wish to become primary and secondary teachers and senior education counselors.

Institute of Vine and Wine Science

A multidisciplinary center for research, higher education and development that explores the future challenges of the wine industry.