College of Human Sciences

The College of Human Sciences is made up of five faculties, offering sixty initial and vocational courses. The courses covered are mainly within the field of Human and Social Sciences, but also include a range of other disciplines (biology, physiology, languages, etc.)

These research-based courses are aimed at students who wish to apply their knowledge and skills to the domains of education, health, work/company life, urban, social/migratory issues, sporting activities/practices, social work, etc. The College of Human Sciences is located on three Campus sites: city-center (Victoire), south of the city (Pessac, close to sports facilities), and cross-border (Bayonne).

Key figures

  • 65 courses
  • Over 4,300 students
  • 150 teachers and 60 staff

Course components

  • Social Anthropology and Ethnology Faculty
  • Psychology Faculty
  • Educational Science Faculty
  • Physical and Sporting Activity Sciences and Techniques Faculty
  • Sociology Faculty

International courses

  • Human Sciences


NICE 2 network (University Network for Innovation and Guidance and Counseling in Europe – a group of 40 institutions in Europe, University of the Basque Country (Euskadi Autonomous Community - Spain), University of Baja California (Enseñada - Mexico), Franco-Belarusian Center for Political Science and European Studies, University of Ottawa (Canada), University of California Exchange Abroad Program (USA), Brussels Free University, as part of a partnership with the European “Anthropology of Social Dynamics and Development” consortium (Belgium, France, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland)

Updated on 11/09/2018


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33000 Bordeaux

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