Institute of Vine and Wine Science

At the heart of the world’s leading region for the production of great wines, the University of Bordeaux Institute of Vine and Wine Science (ISVV) is a multidisciplinary center for research, higher education and development that explores the future challenges of the wine industry.

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  • Director: Alain Blanchard
  • Assistant Director in charge of research and innovation: Eric Giraurd-Héraud
  • Educational task officer: Gilles De Revel
  • Head of administration: Sandrine Poletto

Research topics

The ISVV’s three focuses – research, teaching and technology transfer – are divided into six main interdisciplinary topics which aim to promote the development of the wine industry:

  • Improving the quality of wine and grapes by increasing knowledge
  • Explaining the biological properties of polyphenols by studying their effects
  • Optimizing growing practices to promote sustainable viticulture
  • Improving the environmentally friendly growing processes
  • Encouraging the winegrowing sector to become more economically effective
  • Developing the winegrowing sector’s legal, cultural and economic dimensions


Updated on 25/07/2019


Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences

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