Incoming: Anita from São Paulo State University (UNESP), Brazil

Anita Bueno-Tavares is a Bachelor student studying law at São Paulo State University (UNESP, Brazil). She arrived at the University of Bordeaux in January 2021, and is carrying out her mobility experience until the end of the first semester of 2021-2022 (January 2022).

Why did you choose to carry out part of your studies at the University of Bordeaux? 

I have always wanted to study in France. When preparing for my mobility experience, I read up a lot about French universities and decided that the University of Bordeaux (a partner institution of my home university) was the most interesting option for me. This long-standing, traditional university is highly renowned in France and the world, and welcomes many international students. The city of Bordeaux is world-famous, located in a beautiful and diverse region - it is a wine-producing area close to the ocean and the mountains - and I can confirm that it lives up to its great reputation. In Brazil for instance, I think Bordeaux is the best-known city in France after Paris, thanks to its wine production.

What are the main differences you have identified between studying in France and Brazil?

There are many differences in terms of studies between Brazil and France. In Brazil, there are no seminars, all subjects are taught via lectures which take place in the morning or evening, whereas in France, lectures are delivered throughout the day. In Brazil, each lecturer defines his/her own assignments, in addition to fixing one or two exams each semester. There is no methodology for exams, only for assignments. My conclusion is that studies in France are more methodological, organized, and standardized, whereas in Brazil, lecturers have more freedom to define their way of teaching and assessing.

What are your expectations and objectives for your mobility experience?  

My hopes and aims for the mobility scheme have already been partially met. My main goal was to improve my level of French. In my opinion, it is one of the most beautiful languages in the world. By attending law lectures at the University, I have developed a deeper knowledge of the language and enhanced my learning of French. I also have goals linked to my personal and professional development: getting to know French culture, meeting French and international students, learning law from a different and multi-disciplinary perspective, learning to solve problems alone and independently.

What have you learnt from this international experience?

This experience is very important in my personal and professional development. I have learnt resilience, because when you move to another country, you must tackle many challenges, such as the language, learning methods, paperwork, and cultural adaptation. I have also come to believe in my potential to find solutions to my personal problems and challenges. In terms of careers, I have taken a different approach to studying law and the focus on European law has supplemented my knowledge of the subject.

Finally, I have realised that the world is a very varied place and that everyone should try and adapt to different environments to learn to become a more flexible and understanding person in terms of the difficulties that you can come across in life.

Updated on 03/06/2021