Incoming: Tiina, from Estonia to Bordeaux

Tiina Veersalu spent a semester at the University of Bordeaux studying International Business Management, as an Erasmus student from the Tallinn University of Technology in Estonia.

Why did you pick the University of Bordeaux?

France was my preferred Erasmus destination. I chose the University of Bordeaux as the courses were a good fit with those at my home university and to top it all, the city of Bordeaux is renowned for its great quality of life and attractive location.

What is your favorite subject? 

International accounting and finance and cross cultural management.  The first I enjoy because I have prior practical experience in this field, so classes are an opportunity to compare theoretical and practical aspects.  The second encourages reflection on different cultures, and helps me to understand the obstacles that may occur in an international environment.

What does your typical day at the University of Bordeaux look like?

A typical day usually means attending lectures at the University from around 9am to 4pm. During my lunch break I like to visit nice bakeries or coffee shops with my Erasmus friends.

What’s the most challenging part of your day?

Arriving to class on time! I rely on public transportation, so any delay can be a challenge.

What’s the most rewarding part of your day?

Spending time with the many friends I have made here during my exchange period.

What’s something you look forward to everyday?

Simply being happy and making the most of every day! This includes visiting nice bakeries, eating good food, walking around the beautiful city of Bordeaux, spending time with my friends and having interesting conversations with people from different countries.

Where do you get your campus coffee? 

In my opinion the best place on the La Bastide campus for a cup of coffee is the “Boulangerie T80” because of its’ great coffee, fresh pastries - plus there is room to study if needs be.

How would you describe the University of Bordeaux in one word?

Practical! Compared to my home university, the University of Bordeaux offers courses that are much more focused on case studies, group work and discussions between professors and students.

Where do you see yourself in ten years’ time?

Living in Estonia, with hopefully a good balance between my family life, friends, hobbies and work. Fingers crossed I will love my job, have the opportunity to travel and be able to make the most of all my different experiences (like being an exchange student in France!) in my career and personal development.

Anything else?

During my semester here at the University of Bordeaux, I visited many other beautiful places in France, such as Paris, Arcachon, the Dune of Pilat, Biscarosse, Cauterets and Toulouse. All in all many great memories of the time I have had in France during my exchange semester!


Updated on 17/04/2019