Studies abroad

Counting hundreds of partner institutions throughout the world, the University of Bordeaux offers its students numerous opportunities to follow their studies abroad.

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Mobility options

French Language Assistants Abroad program

The International Educational Studies Center organizes the recruitment of French Language Assistants Abroad, offering students an opportunity to embark on their first paid professional experience abroad.

The general aim of the program is to enable assistants to familiarize themselves with the host country’s language and culture, while at the same time allowing educational institutions to benefit from the assistants’ expertise as native speakers and their extensive cultural knowledge. This experience can be validated via the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), as part of a university course.

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International study programs 

The University of Bordeaux offers around 50 international study programs including options for mobility periods abroad.

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International mobility tools

ECTS (European Credit Transfer System)

The ECTS aims to facilitate the comparison of study programs for all students, local or international. The system permits academic recognition for periods of study completed away from the home university.

Please note: a university year corresponds to 60 credits; one semester is 30 credits and a trimester is 20 credits. The ECTS involves quantitative and qualitative analyses of the courses followed. A credit corresponds to the workload associated with a course and its relative weighting in the university year.

NB: although the ECTS is used in the majority of European countries, it is not necessarily available elsewhere (for example in North America). In these specific cases, equivalencies are discussed beforehand with the partner institutions and specified in the cooperation agreements signed, in order to guarantee the same level of credit recognition for all mobility students.

Learning agreement

This contract explains the courses followed in the host institution and must be signed by both the home institution and the host institution. The document guarantees that any results obtained abroad will be valid upon the student’s return to the University of Bordeaux, on the condition that the student achieves adequate results while abroad and after receipt of a grade transcript.

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