Tuition fees

France is renowned for having one of the best systems of higher education in the world. To top it all, this system is also one of the most financially accessible in the world!

The total amount of tuition fees varies according to the degree level being followed (see below). All registration fees are payable either:

  • Online by credit card (possible to pay in one or three installement(s) for international students admitted via Apoflux
  • At the scholar office by bank card or postal check (in euros) or in cash (in euros) with a limit of 300€ for international students admitted via Campus France

Bachelor Degree

Master Degree

Engineering study programs

> For more information about tuition fees at the University of Bordeaux, please consult this article.

CVEC and Social Security

* Subject to the deliberation of the Board of directors 

Updated on 25/07/2019


Scholarships are not granted to new international students (you may however apply in the second year of study). You may also apply for a scholarship from your home country.