Conditions and health guidelines

Find all the health measures taken by the university to ensure the safety of all. Wearing a mask is mandatory for everybody, inside and outside.

To prevent the cross-transmission of the virus between individuals, everyone must comply with applicable protective measures, in the workplace at the university, and in public spaces during travel to and from work. Wearing a mask is mandatory in all the common spaces in the University of Bordeaux (including halls, hallways, bathrooms, etc.). These measures apply to all people working on the university locations.


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Updated on 22/10/2020

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Official information

National 'green number' (information about the virus only): 0 800 130 000.

In case of difficulty breathing, call 15 or 112.

Students Health contact

Student Health Center
The Student Health Center offers students a nurse hotline, medical teleconsultations and psychological support and counseling.

+ 33 (0)5 33 51 42 00
Contact by email

Staff Health Contact

Occupational Health Service
For any questions about the virus, symptoms, prevention measures.

+ 33 (0)5 40 00 6060 / 3711
Contact by email