2018 INPI patent applicant ranking: a great vintage for the University of Bordeaux

As a reflection of momentum in the French research sector, the INPI ranking of patent applicants is eagerly awaited with great interest every year. Major industrial groups have dominated the podium for years (Valeo, PSA, SAFRAN), followed closely by major State institutions (CEA and CNRS). However, a few major universities also feature in the top 50, proof of their ambition to capitalize on their laboratories' findings. The University of Bordeaux is now the highest ranking of these universities.

  • 03/05/2019

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A patent is a legal instrument to protect the scientific property of a company or institution and convert it into intangible assets. By rolling out a highly ambitious protection strategy (53 new patents filed in 2018, 12 license agreements signed) and compiling a patent portfolio including over 400 families, the University of Bordeaux is enhancing society's technical knowledge while developing tools to promote innovation, in its capacity as a State research and education institution. With support from its subsidiary,  Aquitaine Sciences Transfert (Société d’Accélération du Transfert Technologique - Technology Transfer Acceleration Office), it has continued and boosted its rise in the rankings (from 42nd in 2017 to 30th in 2018). This 2018 ranking has been achieved by the endeavors of an ambitious university that was formed by the merger of the three universities located in Bordeaux in 2014 – a university that was selected in the Initiative of Excellence (IdEx) call for proposals.

The university is the ideal place to produce original creations originating from research. As a complement to publications establishing academic leadership, patents are preferential tools to protect knowledge and know-how and are ultimately intended for use by stakeholders in the socioeconomic sector. For several years, our university has been rolling out a proactive detection, protection and transfer policy, and its INPI ranking is above all an acknowledgement of the creativity of its researchers and of the organization put in place to support this policy.

Eric Papon — Vice-President for Innovation and industrial relations at the University of Bordeaux

The University of Bordeaux ranks second among patent applicants in the region, behind SAFRAN

The University of Bordeaux has also confirmed its key position in the regional ecosystem, ranking second in the region in terms of patent applications, behind SAFRAN. The university's technological offering is part of the "toolbox" that it is seeking to provide with a view to promoting innovation, alongside an attractive strategy of partnerships with industry and the socioeconomic sector, making its research platforms accessible to business and stepping up its policy of accommodating startups and innovative businesses on its campus.

The tools rolled out with support from the Initiative of Excellence program and from the Bordeaux University Foundation, and the set-up of administrative services in concert with and supported by its technology transfer subsidiary, Aquitaine Science Transfert, to guide project development and startup incubation, are now fully operational and driving change and the development of a university of excellence.