Best university in Europe for sports

The University of Bordeaux was named “Best university in Europe for sports” in Madrid on the 13th April, thanks to excellent results in the most recent European championships.

  • 21/04/2018

J.-C. Astier, L. Desreumaux, M. Tunon de Lara, O. Lavialle, A. Delerue J.-C. Astier, L. Desreumaux, M. Tunon de Lara, O. Lavialle, A. Delerue

The University of Bordeaux was represented by 52 students, eight teachers, and two referees in the European Universities Championships in seven disciplines: table tennis, volleyball, 3x3 basketball, tennis, football, judo, and badminton. 

Bordeaux's athletes had excellent results, particularly in:

  • Tennis with a gold medal for the women's team
  • Women's volleyball with a silver medal 
  • Men's judo (+100kg) and football with 2 bronze medals 

We are very pleased to receive this award, which recognises all of our hard work in the past 10 years, and above all, the efforts of all those who contributed to our success. 

Jean Charles Astier — Director of SUAPS (Inter-University Department for Physical and Sporting Activities), Bordeaux.

This title is a true consecration and an honour for the University of Bordeaux and ASUBx (the University of Bordeaux Sports Association), reinforcing its position as the top sports association in France for the seventh year in a row. The award also recognises the determination and ambition of the student athletes, the advisors that support them, and the University of Bordeaux's commitment to sports. 

Bordeaux's delegation, made up of Manuel Tunon de Lara, President of the University of Bordeaux; Jean-Charles Astier, Director of SUAPS; Amaury Delerue, President of ASUBx; and Olivier Lavialle, President of the Regional University Sports Committee, took part in the EUSA (European University Sports Association) General Assembly.

University of Bordeaux Sports Association

Founded in 2009, ASUBx is an umbrella organization for all sport associations at the University of Bordeaux and its partners: University of Bordeaux Montaigne, Sciences-Po Bordeaux, Bordeaux Sciences Agro, and Institut Polytechnique de Bordeaux. It focuses on high-level university sports and brings together 480 of the best elite student athletes who are simultaneously pursuing their education while competing in high-level sports.