Bordeaux is international!

From the 12th until the 16th of November 2018, the University of Bordeaux celebrated the fourth edition of its annual International Week.

  • 21/11/2018

Over 70 different activities took place on the different campus sites with the objective of informing students, lecturers, researchers and administrative staff of the multiple international opportunities available within our university. No matter the type of information - whether it concern a mobility experience, a collaboration possibility, improving your English, preparing your CV/cover letter or simply enjoying a photo exhibition and having fun by testing your general knowledge during an international quiz, each and every one was sure to find an event of interest!

Looking back on this latest edition, Joanne Pagèze, Vice President for Internationalization, explains the role and importance  of this event for the University of Bordeuax.

Why is the international week important?

The international week is a unique occasion to inform, promote and celebrate everything international! As the University of Bordeaux continues to develop its international strategy around the three main axes which are: internationalization at home, international and European partnerships and international promotion, it is important that right here in Bordeaux, students, lecturers, researchers and administrative staff are aware of the multitude of international opportunities at our University. These 5 days of the international week aim to do just that - with over 70 activities across campus, each and everyone can get in touch with internationalization at the University of Bordeaux.

What are your impressions of the 2018 edition?

This was the fourth edition of the international week and more than ever, we were able to engage with the university community beyond the International office with strong involvement of the Language and culture departments, the Student Life centers, lecturers and researchers, administrative staff etc.  This is important for us because we know that a truly international campus is one where internationalization is integrated into all activities of the university
This year, once again, I was delighted to witness the festive atmosphere that surrounds the various activities organized during the week. The international week is really a celebration of everything and everyone that participates in the University's international opportunities.

Looking ahead - next events?

The dates for next years International week are pretty much set - mid-November 2019 - so save the date as of now! Another key international date to be noted in the agenda is the 17th December 2018, when the Doctor Honoris Causa ceremony for Ban-Ki Moon (8th General Secretary of the United Nations) will take place here in Bordeaux. An event not to be missed!

Just some of our international week activities:

  • International fairs
  • Multilingual coffee sessions
  • International quizzes
  • Staff & student mobility workshops
  • English CV and cover letter workshops
  • International Master study programs coffee session
  • Internationalization doctorate workshops
  • Debates and conferences
  • Welcome cocktail for international researchers

See below for some photo highlights from our busy week!

International fair (Pessac campus)
International fair (Talence campus)
PhD workshop
Arabic calligraphy initiation workshop
Arabic calligraphy initiation workshop
Arabic calligraphy initiation workshop
International Masters coffee session
Cocktail for international researchers
Cocktail for international researchers
Cocktail for international researchers