EIT-AMIS Master : training for a sustainable future

At the end of July, 22 students from the EIT-Advanced Materials in Innovation and Sustainability Master gathered together in Bordeaux for a Summer Camp dedicated to Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

  • 17/09/2019

An integral part of the EIT-AMIS curriculum, this 5 day Summer Camp provided training beyond innovation and entrepreneurship, as students were also encouraged to use their soft-skills, creativity and awareness of economic, social and societal challenges.

During the week, the students/entrepreneurs were confronted with the task of applying each and every step of a business model as they developed, tested and promoted their innovations. Covering the fields of electric transportation, distributive trade, self-powered medical devices and medical implants, the student’s devices (sensors, energy harvesters) shared the objective of improving sustainability and/or restoring human body abilities.

The Summer Camp was organized with the help of many local resources to develop projects with a low environmental impact and a focus on entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability.

Flora Molinari — Summer Camp coordinator

A variety of tools, activities and practices were deployed starting with case studies on companies selected by the organizers, performed with the help of the GRP Lab. A co-building workshop supported the students as they collectively developed their innovation proposal around piezoelectric materials. Their products were then tested for the market in the city center of Bordeaux, with “User Research” methods. The topics of intellectual property, technology readiness level and valorization were introduced (AST) and roundtables and presentations were carried out on sustainable materials and the life cycle analysis (ISM). The fabrication and application of PiezoMEMs was illustrated (IMS) and the students finished up the week with the construction of their prototypes and the delivery of a pitch on their innovation proposal. By proposing solutions that improve sustainability and/or restore human body abilities, the EIT-AMIS students proved their capacity to embrace the challenges lying ahead of our society, and their commitment to making decisive contributions for a better future.

The broad training experience of this Summer Camp responds to the high-level of EIT programs regarding the education of T-shaped professionals and entrepreneurs.

Michaël Josse — Local coordinator, EIT-AMIS Master

AMIS Master Program

Labelled by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) since 2016, AMIS is a Master program in Advanced Materials for Innovation and Sustainability which explores the theme of “Substitution of critical or toxic materials in products for optimized performance”. It also covers the topics of “Material chain optimization for end-of-life products” and “Product and services design for the circular economy”. 

The primary focus of the AMIS program is metal and mineral raw materials. Bio-based and polymer materials are studied in view of their substitution potential. Other materials are also analyzed in the context of multi-material product recycling. In addition, the AMIS program includes a solid package of courses and project work in innovation and entrepreneurship.

A major actor in the field of materials sciences, the University of Bordeaux offers AMIS students a wide range of expertise in advanced materials, from organic electronics to composites for aeronautics, along with functional materials for energy, electronics, accompanied throughout by the vision of material chemists who design, synthesize and shape materials for a sustainable future.

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