International learning in just a few weeks for medical students in Bordeaux

From the 16th October until the 10th November, the international course on Signal Transduction in Health and Disease was held in Bordeaux.

  • 27/11/2017

Open to 3rd year medical/medical sciences/pharmacology students or 1st year Master students in the same disciplines, this year’s edition welcomed medical students from the Leiden University Medical Center.

This was the second year the international course was organized with the participation of clinicians/pharmacologists from the University of Bordeaux. The objective of the course is to familiarize students with cellular signalling pathways, from the membrane to the nucleus, and their involvement in physiological and pathological processes. Emphasis is placed on molecular mechanisms, structure and functions of proteins, so that students learn how genomic mutations affect protein functioning and how this, in turn, affects cell functioning. The course also illustrates how novel therapeutic interventions aim at correcting dysfunctional proteins.

Over the 4 weeks, students followed a busy agenda with an emphasis on a blended learning environment – individual and group learning. A typical week consisted of interactive lectures, a seminar or hospital visit, tutorial sessions and a hands-on protein-structure function session. Any remaining time was spent on task-sheets and a collaborative video project where students worked on a video about the role of signal transduction in a pathology of their choice. Outside the class, students were able to make the most of their time, discovering the region with visits to the Arcachon basin and wine-growing estates.

Student knowledge was tested throughout the course with clicker questions as well as at the end of the 3rd week with a formal exam. Upon completion of the course, the teamwork capacity of students was evaluated with a “team auto-evaluation exercise” and grading of the video projects. Peer evaluation was used with students setting their own criteria for judging teamwork and the quality of the videos.  

…according to the students' reports and the outcome of their video projects, this course has been a great success, we have rarely seen medical students so enthusiastic…

Leiden University Medical Center —

With such positive feedback it is only natural that plans for the third edition of the international course, to take place in October/November 2018, are already underway!

> For more information on the Signal Transduction in Health and Disease course, please contact the course instructor, Prof. IJsbrand Kramer (professor in cell biology at the IECB).

Video projects

Discover the videos created by the students during the course

The book

The course content is based on the book "Signal Transduction"