Launch of a partnership with Petex and the University of Bordeaux

Petroleum Experts Ltd (Petex) has granted 10 licenses of MOVE Suite Software to the university of Bordeaux valued £ 1,601,839.98.

  • 02/02/2021

Petroleum Experts Ltd (Petex) has granted 10 licenses of MOVE Suite Software to the University of Bordeaux. Petroleum Experts Limited (a company registered offices in Edinburgh), has donated 10 MOVE suite software licenses to the University of Bordeaux, valued £ 1,601,839.98.

This donation follows a partnership with Dr. Thibault Cavailhes, structural geologist at the EPOC Research Department. MOVE suite is the leading software used for 3D structural geology modeling of Earth's deep interior, mostly used in tectonics, geology of sedimentary basin as well as reservoir geology.

It consists of numerous products such as: Hardlock, Move, 2D / 3D kinematic, Geomechanical, Modeling, Sediment Modeling, Fracture Modeling, Fault Response Modeling, Fault Analysis, Stress Analysis, Move Link to Petrel, Move link to Openworks and Move link for GST.

The MOVE suite will be used by graduate students of the University of Bordeaux (Earth Sciences Teaching Department), as well as lecturers and researchers of the Research Department, for academic research projects on tectonics of active, passive and transform margins, mountain ranges and sedimentary basins, in various offshore and onshore settings from all over the world. 

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