The development and transformation of the University of Bordeaux continues

Within just a few days, the University of Bordeaux has been selected for a grand total of three calls for projects. This outstanding result recognizes its successful transformation as a multidisciplinary research university, active at a European and international level. With the projects ACT, UBGRS 2.0 and ENLIGHT (Erasmus+ call for projects), the University of Bordeaux is well on its way to challenging the global issues of today.

  • 16/07/2020

Campus Bordes © Arthur Pequin Campus Bordes © Arthur Pequin


The project ACT (Augmented university for Campus and world Transition), submitted in response to the IDéEs (Integration and development of IdEx and ISITE) call for projects (Investments for the Future 3 program), was selected and highly rated by the international jury. This project aims to transform the University of Bordeaux campus sites into a regional living laboratory and experimental project incubator, focused on major societal challenges.

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The project UBGRS 2.0 “Graduate school for junior researchers of the University of Bordeaux”, submitted in response to the Investment for the Future 3 program SFRI (Structuring of training via research within the Initiatives of Excellence), was also selected. This project aims to organize training via research and to promote the international renown of our university.

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Led by the University of Bordeaux and eight other European universities, the ENLIGHT consortium project was selected by Erasmus+. This project aims to contribute to the transformation of European higher education by providing students with the necessary resources to acquire the knowledge, skills and innovative capacity to confront the main societal transformations and to promote an equitable and sustainable quality of life.

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