University of Bordeaux’s InnovationS project wins “ExcellencES” call for projects

On November 30, 2021, the Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, Frédérique Vidal, announced the 15 winners of the “ExcellencES” call for projects, which aims to support higher education and research establishments undertaking ambitious transformation projects. The University of Bordeaux InnovationS project will be awarded €24.4 million to strengthen the culture and practices of innovation and entrepreneurship in all their forms.

  • 15/12/2021

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InnovationS: 7 years to fully integrate the “3rd mission of universities”

The University of Bordeaux project offers a new perspective on innovation, including social innovation and innovation in organization, administration and how research is undertaken. Created to act in synergy with other major development projects from the University of Bordeaux, InnovationS is a key part of the university’s 2030 development strategy.

Implemented over seven years, it is built around four key objectives: 

  • Develop a distinctive innovation culture;
  • Increase the number of open innovation and entrepreneurial projects;
  • Strengthen attractiveness as a “campus of innovation”;
  • Promote the development of new scientific ideas and “serendipity”.

Eighteen initiatives have been defined, with certain results expected by as soon as the end of the project’s first year. Three areas are highlighted: health, including digital public health, agri-environment, as well as science and arts.

A strengthened role for the university in the regional innovation ecosystem

As one of the 100 most innovative universities in the world (Reuters) and 24th in Europe, the University of Bordeaux is one of the most important drivers of socio-economic dynamism and attractiveness for the Nouvelle Aquitaine Region. Some of the ways its innovation policy translates into reality is through strong partnerships with industrial companies (350 collaboration agreements signed per year, with 25% framework agreements with companies) and a favorable environment for start-ups (5 new start-ups per year; 8 business centers; nearly 100 student entrepreneurs).

The InnovationS project is based on a network of scientific and socio-economic partners (1) and will contribute to developing the local area’s attractiveness and increasing the region’s capacity to innovate, through skills provided to future generations.

A large part of the project will be focused on developing human potential, particularly through policy dedicated to skills development and recognizing commitment. InnovationS will also aim to dynamize all areas of the University of Bordeaux, including the branch campuses in Périgueux and Agen and connected campuses.

Lastly, this project is built as an “open platform” to strengthen its capacity for innovation, in connection with scientific and industrial partners, innovation agencies and local authorities, and represents a lever for the “France 2030” investment plan.