NewDEAL, selected for the “New University Curricula” call for projects

Led by the University of Bordeaux, the NewDEAL project was very highly rated by the “New University Curricula” call for projects within the Investments for the Future program.

  • 22/11/2017

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We are proud of this collective achievement that strengthens the process initiated four years ago to transform our training offer.

Achille Braquelaire — Vice-President Education UBx, Project leader for NewDEAL

On the 13th October, Frédérique Vidal, Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation and Louis Schweitzer, General Commissioner for Investment, announced the 17 winners of the first wave of the “New University Curricula"  call for projects. The initiative was launched to support institutions that aim to develop their training offer in order to obtain a higher level of student success through the diversification and the decompartmentalization of courses within undergraduate programs.

NewDEAL, a student-centered model with a flexible curricula

Of the 66 applications submitted, 17 were selected, including the University of Bordeaux’s project, NewDEAL, rated A+. A collective achievement, praised by Achille Braquelaire:

“The training offer reform is part of our strategic plan (U25). Initiated as part of the accreditation project, this is a real boost for the implementation of a skill-centered approach, the transformation of educational practices and the roll-out of a continuous improvement process. Our project is one of five which received a specific focus from the General Commissioner for Investment and the Ministry. It’s very exciting and encouraging for the future.”

This project will be implemented as part of the undergraduate program reform. It may form the basis of an addendum to the five-year contract between the State and the university, and could be accompanied by a revision of the accreditation decrees which would enable the proposed actions to be implemented as early as fall 2018.


The objective of this project is to accelerate the curricula transformation at the University of Bordeaux based on a student-centered model. This means developing diverse training methods that lead to greater professionalization with a lifelong training approach

Based on cross-disciplinarity, modularity and interconnections, NewDEAL focuses on success in and after bachelor degree programs. Depending on skills and career plan, it allows each student to pursue his/her goals, with either a master’s degree or successful professional integration. It promotes flexible training in close collaboration with the professional world so that students may benefit from a range of knowledge, an active and creative student-centered learning environment and a diversified training offer without subject compartmentalization or calendar constraints. 

Within this model, what matters is the balance between the level of knowledge attained and individual objectives relating to integration, further studies or personal advancement. The project includes personalized help and support services with the development of an integrated digital platform.

The roll-out of this transformation is based on five “prototype” projects that embody the NewDEAL reference model and are co-developed by educational teams led by schools, institutes and training centers.

The objective is to deploy the first comprehensive open curricula within three years and, within six years, to enable every student who so wishes, whatever their subject, to enroll in an open curriculum. Finally, the long-term objective is to ensure that all University of Bordeaux curricula evolve towards this new model.