Quality Label for Impulsion Research Networks

The University has awarded quality labels to eight Impulsion Research Network projects to help structure communities and support the emergence or revitalization of research directions that are important for the institution. Presentation of these new scientific projects.

  • 07/02/2022

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The scheme to award quality labels to ImpulsionResearch Networks was launched at the start of the 2021-22 academic year, the aim being to support the impetus on site resulting from the setting up of research departments and the renewal of the University’s research priorities, a policy that has become reality mainly through the establishment of Major Research Programs (GPR).

This scheme is directed by the University of Bordeaux, in consultation with its partners, and will ensure support for university policy by helping to bring structure to the university communities that are managing research projects with strong potential, for example high-impact projects on societal issues or transitions.

The quality label is aimed at initiatives previously identified in the context of GPR action and authorized to continue following the 2020 Call for Expression of Interest (AMI).  

This awarding of quality labels to these ImpulsionResearch Networks takes two forms:

  • policy support for institutions in order to strengthen their visibility, legitimize project developers as they carry out their actions within their community and alongside other stakeholders (university partners, local authorities, socio-economic players);
  • start-up support funding to launch structuring actions within these networks with the mobilization of a global budget of 8 million euros for the period 2022 to 2025.

Impulsion Research Networks are the scientific policy tools of research departments. Monitoring will be organized at the level of the main department directing the project in coordination with the other departments involved. 

The 8 Impulsion Research Networks

BEST - Making Better to Live Better

Developing new methodologies in fields involving Factories of the Future in order to “make better to live better”.

Project directed by Jean-Luc Battaglia, Professor at the University of Bordeaux, Institute of Mechanical Engineering (I2M - CNRS, Bordeaux INP, Arts et Métiers, INRAE and University of Bordeaux) and Bruno Vallespir, Professor at the University of Bordeaux, Integration: from Material to Systems laboratory (IMS - CNRS, Bordeaux INP and University of Bordeaux)

Main research department: Engineering and Digital Sciences (SIN)

Frontiers of Life

Reorganizing living systems from molecular level to cell, tissue and organ level.

Project directed by Jean-Christophe Baret, Professor at the University of Bordeaux, Paul Pascal Research Center (CRPP – CNRS and University of Bordeaux)

Main research department: Material and Light Sciences (SMR)

IMPACT - IMaging for Precision medicine within A Collaborative Translational program

Identifying, developing and validating innovative imaging strategies for personalized medicine and for the benefit of patients.

Project directed by Thomas Tourdias, Professor at the University of Bordeaux and physician at CHU Bordeaux, conducting his research at the Magendie Neurocenter (NCM – INSERM and University of Bordeaux) and Bruno Quesson, CNRS researcher at the Bordeaux cardio-thoracic research center (CRCTB – INSERM and University of Bordeaux, Xavier Arnozan Hospital)

Main research department: HealthSciences and Technologies (STS)

NEWMOON - NEW MOdels in Oncology

Inventing new models for studies in oncology; from diagnosis to treatment.

Project directed by Julie Dechanet, CNRS researcher at the Immunology from Concept and Experiments to Translation laboratory (Immunoconcept - CNRS and University of Bordeaux)

Main research department: Biological and Medical Sciences (SBM)

ORIGINS: from the Origin of Matter and Planetary Systems to Climate Evolution

Studying our cosmic origins: from matter and planetary systems to climate change.

Project directed by Franck Selsis, CNRS director of research at the Bordeaux Astrophysics Laboratory (LAB - CNRS and University of Bordeaux)

Main research department: Material and Light Sciences(SMR)

PHDS - Public Health Data Science Bordeaux Network

Meeting the new methodological challenges of data science in public health.

Project directed by Cécile Proust-Lima, director of research with INSERM at the Bordeaux Population Health research center (BPH – INSERM and University of Bordeaux)

Main research department: Public Health

ROBSYS - Robustness of Autonomous Systems

Structuring research on the robustness of autonomous systems, especially decision-making, for use in the fields of transport, industry and agriculture.

Project directed by Olivier Ly, Professor at the University of Bordeaux, Bordeaux Computer Science Research Laboratory (LaBRI - CNRS, Bordeaux INP,  INRIA Center at the University of Bordeaux and University of Bordeaux)

Main research department: Engineering and Digital Sciences (SIN)

Tackling Global Change: Integrated Approaches for People and Environment

Providing a scientific response to tackle the urgent challenges and dilemmas posed by the global change crisis.

Project directed by Caitriona Carter, INRAE researcher at the Environment, Territories and Infrastructure Unit (ETTIS - INRAE) and Sylvain Delzon, INRAE researcher at the Biodiversity, Genes and Communities Laboratory (Biogeco – INRAE and University of Bordeaux)

Main research department: Environmental Sciences


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