Spotlight on the international Master: Advanced Materials Innovative Recycling

Discover our new interdisciplinary Master program, AMIR, that focuses on material sciences, the raw materials value chain and recycling.

  • 06/02/2018

AMIR students out and about with Prof. Gaudon in Bordeaux AMIR students out and about with Prof. Gaudon in Bordeaux

Advanced Materials Innovative Recycling (AMIR) is a 2-year international master program. Supported by the EIT KIC Raw Materials*, the program was developed by a consortium of academics, research institutes and industries.

The first year of the Master program takes place at the University of Bordeaux in partnership with the research and technology organization, Tecnalia. The second year is dedicated to a specialization in one of the partner universities (University of Liege, Belgium / Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany / Technical University of Madrid, Spain / University of Miskolc, Hungary) and is then completed with an internship.

The AMIR program opened in September 2017. With the second academic semester underway, we interview Professor Manuel Gaudon, founding member of the program at the University of Bordeaux. Find out more about this program whose key words are innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability!

What was the inspiration behind this program?

It started with the strong belief that the recycling of waste material is essential for the future. Looking at the expertise of the University of Bordeaux within this domain, we were able to identify several research programs on material dismantling/recycling, life-cycle assessment etc., already proposed within our chemistry department. Along with the funding provided by the European Institute of Technology through the KIC EIT Raw Materials community, we had a very strong basis to launch an international educational program devoted to materials recycling. To top it all, the partners (academic, research organizations, and businesses) were selected according to their skills and complementarity in order to create a truly excellent educational program.

...we had a very strong basis to launch an international educational program devoted to materials recycling.

Prof. Manuel Gaudon —

Describe the main assets of the program

As our students come from various countries and scientific backgrounds, lectures, exercises and tutorials are all taught in English. Teaching is carried out with a “learning-by-doing” approach via a combination of plenary lectures, tutorials, group projects and internships. Our main objective is to ensure that graduates from the program are specialists in raw materials recycling with expert knowledge in material sciences. In addition, thanks to the innovation and entrepreneurship concepts and tools integrated within the program, students are prepared to become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, researchers or innovative engineers.

What do the AMIR students say?

I am highly interested in renewable energy and sustainable development. The AMIR Master program therefore represents a great platform to expand my horizon in the field of sustainable development, renewable energy and recycling. After completing my Master degree, I would like to pursue a PhD. (Nitin, from India)

With the AMIR program, I hope to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to help change unsustainable lifestyles that negatively impact the environment, without compromising economic stability. When I finish the Master program, my plan is to find a job in the Research & Development department of a large company, where I’ll be able to contribute to important projects. (Ricardo, materials engineer from Spain)

I chose to follow the AMIR Master to broaden the scope of my studies into the domain of chemistry. This will provide me with an understanding of how materials may be manipulated for the benefit of society. Upon graduation, I aim to use my chemical and physical matter knowledge to begin a career in sustainability Research & Development. (Ben, material engineering student from the UK)

* EIT: European Institute of Innovation and Technology, KIC: Knowledge and Innovation Community

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