World champions: Rhoban soccer club defend their RoboCup title

With a 5-1 win in the final against the Chinese team ZJU-Dancer, the robots of Rhoban soccer team have done their country proud by winning the 2019 RoboCup, which took place in Sydney between the 2nd and 8th of July 2019.

  • 17/07/2019

Les robots de Rhoban à la Robocup 2019 Les robots de Rhoban à la Robocup 2019

In a repeat of the 2018 final in Montreal (which they won 4-0) the Laboratoire Bordelais de Recherche en Informatique's team (LaBRI), faced the Chinese side Zju-Dancer. Their 5-1 victory meant that Rhoban yet again defended their world title in the Humanoid Kid-Size league

The rise of the @Home and Logistics leagues

Not only  Rhoban is excelling. The team from the Aquitaine Center for Information Technology and Electronics (CATIE) were also on the podium of the RoboCup @Home league, finishing in third place thanks to their robot Epock. The league, created specially to help people who are unable to complete household tasks, brings together mobile autonomous robots and gets them to interact with humans at home, helping them to carry out these everyday tasks.


The team, which was created at the start of 2018, is made up of 11 members with a broad range of skills such as embedded electronics and software, artificial intelligence, and human-machine interaction. “Our robot is capable of safely navigating and avoiding obstacles. It can respond to certain types of questions and also has face recognition”.

The Robotics Society (Pyro) team, from Lille’s École Polytechnique, also finished in third place in the Logistics league. However, despite some very good results, they lost to a German team in the semi-final.

Strong results and enthusiasm that reinforce Bordeaux’s status as host of the 2020 RoboCup

French representation has come out in full force this year, with no fewer than 14 French teams taking part (compared to 3 in Leipzig in 2016). The fact that new teams such as CAITE, Namec, and POLAR-oïd are being created demonstrates a strong engagement with robotics in France and in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

The organization of the 2020 RoboCup in Bordeaux between the 23rd and 29th of June is therefore a great way to boost the French appetite for research, given both Nouvelle-Aquitaine’s hosting capacities and the vitality of its digital and robotics ecosystem.

RoboCup 2020

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