Department of Social and Human Sciences

The Department of Social and Human Sciences works toward coherence and synergy within human and social sciences with an approach that is founded on: unity, diversity and multidisciplinarity.

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While sharing a common foundation, Human and Social Sciences have developed specific practices and theories. Disciplines such as law, economics, sociology, psychology, political science, demography, etc., have their own subject matter, paradigms and methodological framework that distinguish them from each other.

The department encourages collaboration between disciplines, thus allowing research to pierce the complex nature of the studied phenomena. The common themes that are promoted encourage a multidisciplinary approach and optimize the research carried out in the field of Human and Social Sciences.

Key figures

  • 4 joint research units, 12 host teams
  • 2 doctoral schools and 489 doctoral students
  • 450 employees, including 392 lecturer-researchers

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