European programs

For over 15 years, the University of Bordeaux has been seizing opportunities offered by Europe to support the internationalization of its courses and research whilst at the same time enhancing them.

The European programs in figures

  • 150 collaborative projects and 23 ERC projects carried out on the Bordeaux site
  • 15 doctoral training networks
  • 28 Marie Curie grants and 9 Erasmus Mundus Master’s and PhD programs

Training programs

With such a significant number of European training projects, the University of Bordeaux has taken advantage of the European funding programs in order to:

  • Build and reinforce strong partnerships with European universities across various consortia (in the sectors of chemistry-materials, mathematics, neuroscience, public healthcare and environment)
  • Support the internationalization of its courses (at Master’s and Doctorate level) whether in initial training courses (via Erasmus Mundus – 5 Master’s and 4 Doctorate courses, 4 of which are in coordination with each other) or continued training courses (the Eu2P program for pharmaco-vigilance, or the Neuronline Master)
  • Develop a cooperation policy with non-European countries based on a balanced relationship: participation in and development of “capacity building” projects with countries in the Mediterranean region, Latin America and Asia.

Research programs

The University of Bordeaux intends to increase its participation in European funding programs (H2020, JTI, JPI, ERA-Nets) in the research sector, in order to:

  • Participate in projects which respond to society’s biggest challenges
  • Contribute to the production of top-level research
  • Attract top-level researchers and enable them to benefit from our high-quality scientific environment
  • Enhance and direct the expertise of Bordeaux’s research teams by encouraging them to become coordinators or work package leaders

In order to achieve these goals, and in close cooperation with our partners (CNRS, INSERM, schools), a support system has been put in place in order to make us more competitive in European Calls for Proposals:

  • Creation of technical support systems on the website network (for UBx, the point of reference is the International Projects service)
  • Addition of two dedicated heads of European affairs in charge of targeted intelligence activities and collaborative project design.
  • Creation of a support system providing the possibility of using external consultancy firms in order to put together projects.

Updated on 07/11/2017


Adeline Barre
International Projects Officer

Erasmus +

The EU program for education, training, youth and sport.


The Horizon 2020 program centralizes funding from the European Union for research and innovation. The major priorities are: scientific excellence, industrial primacy and social challenges.

Europe IdEx

The SPI participates in the European platform which provides additional support to European project leaders.