Laboratories of Excellence

The University of Bordeaux has established world-class clusters in several scientific fields. These are a driving force of the University’s development and a major force for its international visibility. The clusters, including 5 with national LabEx accreditation, bring together teams from different joint research units (universities, national research bodies and industry).

Our thematic clusters of excellence:

Equipment of Excellence

Reseach activities within the University of Bordeaux benefit from "Equipment of Excellence" (EquipEx) funding and material that provide our researchers with outstanding resources. 

  • OptoPath: instrumental and procedural innovations in experimental psychopathology
  • Xyloforestmultidisciplinary research platform for cultivated forest resources
  • MUSIC: multimodal platform for cardiac exploration (click on the link to view the video)
  • PHENOVIRT: study of attention troubles and the effects of fatigue in virtual conditions (click on the link to view the video)
  • PETAL+: installation of plasma diagnostics on the PETAL laser line
  • ELORPrintTec: Organic electronics (click on the link to view the video)
  • MIGA (consortium): gravitational waves

Researchers thus have access to the latest, high-technology equipment and facilities to apply their knowledge and test their research outcomes.

Updated on 10/05/2016