The topic I wish to pursue here in Bordeaux is “Bio-inspired Approaches to UAS Flight Control”. The main goal is to develop a new and unique bio-inspired flight controller for a Quadrotor UAS. This research topic follows the visit of Prof. Franck Cazaurang (Automatic Control & Maintenance Engineering in Aerospace) in October 2014 to the University of Cincinnati. During his stay, new and interesting ideas were exchanged concerning possible educational/research collaboration in the area of Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS).

I was thus very excited when Prof. Claude Pellet, Director of the IMS (Material and System Integration) Laboratory, sent me a letter of invitation for a Visiting Scholar position in his lab for the summer of 2015. The visiting scholar stay will provide a unique opportunity for educational and research collaboration between faculties at both universities in the existing area of UAS. An extended stay of 1.5 months gives a better opportunity (as opposed to a short visit of a few days) to better appreciate and explore mutually beneficial partnerships.

Having obtained all my educational degrees at the Technion, Israel where lessons were in Hebrew, I have learned to appreciate cultural diversity. I feel that looking at technical and non-technical problems from different perspectives is enriching and often productive.

Visiting Scholar

Updated on 21/09/2021