Prof. Kaigo arrived in Bordeaux for his first visit as director of the Bordeaux –Tsukuba Liaison Office from October to November 2018, and returns for a second visit in February 2019.

What is the Bordeaux-Tsukuba Liaison Office?

Located in the Victoire campus of the University of Bordeaux, the aim of the Bordeaux-Tsukuba Liaison Office is to measure and evaluate the quality of exchanges between our two universities, and then to report back to headquarters at the University of Tsukuba.
The Liaison Office is assisted by office committee members who are selected professors from various fields of the University of Tsukuba, as well as staff from our Office of Global Initiatives. In the coming months, a dedicated assistant will also be based in the office in Bordeaux in order to improve interactions with students at the University of Bordeaux.

What work are you hoping to accomplish here in Bordeaux?

This first visit was an opportunity for me to really discover Bordeaux since being appointed director of the Liaison Office in April 2018. The main purpose of my stay was to establish a relationship of trust and cooperation with the University of Bordeaux, our most important overseas partner. As a result, we are able to ensure that current joint projects are moving forward smoothly, and we can search for potential areas of exchange to be pursued in the future.

What are your impressions of the University of Bordeaux, the people, the city?

Since my previous visit to the University of Bordeaux in March 2018, much has changed and moved forward in just a short time span, the University has implemented many, new initiatives in internationalization!
Bordeaux is a truly multicultural, vibrant city with beautiful architecture. It is also very accessible thanks to its international airport and train connecting Bordeaux to Paris in just two hours. For sure, Bordeaux is a fine place to live, study and carry out research!

Our university is delighted to be collaborating with future-oriented partners, as highlighted by our university slogan, “Imagine the future”. We are filled with enthusiasm at the prospect of further deepening our ties with the University of Bordeaux!

Muneo Kaigo —

What have you learned so far from your international experience here?

Between Bordeaux and Tsukuba our cultures, traditions and languages are very different. In particular, I find social norms and temporal dimensions to be most different. However, rather than focusing on the differences, I would like to mention that I have observed similar challenges no matter where we are located – be it along the Pacific or Atlantic Ocean. As we discover these similarities, I am certain that they will highlight ever more common interests, hence providing further opportunities to better discuss critical issues and perhaps collaborate in developing global solutions in the near future.


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Updated on 06/02/2019