Research departments

Within the framework of the reorganization of research at the University of Bordeaux, 11 new departments have been created.

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The Board of Directors of the University of Bordeaux confirmed the creation of 11 new research departments on December 12th 2018.

Research departments

  • Social sciences of contemporary changes (E. Macé, M. Coris)
  • Behavior, organizations and policy evaluation (O. Bargain, J. Cusin)
  • Law and social transformations (O. Décima, A. Pariente)
  • Bordeaux Neurocampus (N. Sans)
  • Biological and medical sciences (A.P. Gadeau)
  • Public health (R. Thiébaut, C. Tzourio)
  • Health sciences and technologies (G. Guichard)
  • Environmental sciences (J. Joubes, M. Baudrimont)
  • Engineering and digital sciences (H. Bertin)
  • Material and light sciences (J.B. Verlhac, F. Hannachi)
  • Archeological sciences (B. Maureille, W. Banks)

In addition to the research units hosted within the University of Bordeaux, these 11 research departments also coordinate with external research units based in Bordeaux. This wider scope allows research to go beyond the university limits and to implicate the entire region.

Updated on 30/09/2019