Research departments

Research at the University of Bordeaux is organized according to 11 departments. These departments bring together different research structures (joint research units, hosting teams, platforms, etc.) all dedicated to one scientific discipline.

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Bordeaux Neurocampus

The Bordeaux Neurocampus department is at the forefront of research on the brain and the pathologies that affect it, from the molecular level to patient care.

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Biological and medical sciences

The aim of the Biological and medical sciences department is to create synergies between its research units in order to contribute to major biological advances and to the medicine of the future.

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Public health

The Public health department leads research in different fields of public health including epidemiology, biostatistics, health computing, disability and health economics.

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Health sciences and technologies

The Health sciences and technologies department brings together cutting-edge expertise in the fields of biophysics, structural characterization of biological systems, chemistry for living organisms, cell and tissue bioengineering, biomedical imaging and physiopathology. 

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Environmental sciences

The Environmental sciences department brings together research units that focus on meeting future key environmental, scientific and societal challenges. 

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Engineering and digital sciences

The Engineering and digital sciences department brings together skills from the fields of computer science, electronics, mathematics and mechanics. 

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Material and light sciences

The Material and light sciences department brings together experts in chemistry and physics in order to respond to fundamental scientific challenges and drive the innovations of the future.

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Archeological sciences

The Archeological sciences department conducts multi- and interdisciplinary research on human populations of the past from all time periods, and examines their natural and cultural environments and interactions. 

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CHANGES – Social sciences of contemporary changes

The objective of the CHANGES department is to analyze climatic, economic, technical and social changes impacting the world, using social science perspectives and tools. 

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Behavior, organizations and policy evaluation

The ECOr department is unique in France, combining behavioral, organizational and economic sciences. 

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Law and social transformations

The Law and social transformations department is a research body of the University of Bordeaux. It aims to organize and drive research in law and political science in Bordeaux.