University of Bordeaux

Ranked among the top universities in France, the University of Bordeaux is renowned for the quality of its academic courses and research.

A multidisciplinary, research-focused, international university

The University of Bordeaux was newly established on the 1st of January 2014, following the merger of three universities: Université Bordeaux 1 Sciences et Technologies, Université Bordeaux Segalen and Université Montesquieu Bordeaux IV


Looking back over the past 550 and more years...

  • 1441: The University of Bordeaux is created by Pope Eugene IV and is composed of four main faculties - arts, medicine, law and theology.
  • 1793: All the universities in France, including the University of Bordeaux, are abolished by the French revolutionaries.
  • 1808: Napoléon Bonaparte reorganizes the university into three faculties which focus on theology, arts and science.
  • 1896: The universities in France are reorganized according to new legislation. The University of Bordeaux is re-established with the faculties of arts, science, law, medicine and pharmacy.
  • 1950s - late 1960s: The number of students registered progresses from 8,000 to 25,000.
  • 1960s: The ever-growing university extends its site to the Campus Talence-Pessac-Gradignan.
  • 1966: Alfred Kastler, Professor of Physics at the University of Bordeaux, is awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics.
  • 1968: The University of Bordeaux is subdivided into three separate universities - Bordeaux 1 (law, economy, science), Bordeaux 2 (life, social and health sciences), Bordeaux 3 Michel de Montaigne (arts and human sciences).
  • 1995: University Bordeaux 1 becomes two separate universities. Bordeaux 1 offers the academic fields of science and technology, and Bordeaux IV Montesquieu offers law, social and political science, economy and management.
  • 1997: The University of Bordeaux “Pole” is created, regrouping the four separate university entities.
  • 2004: The presidents of the four universities sign the founding Charter of a unified University of Bordeaux.
  • 2007: The research and higher education pole of the University of Bordeaux is created which incorporates the higher education institutes and schools of the site (Université Bordeaux 1, Université Bordeaux Segalen, Université Michel de Montaigne Bordeaux 3, Université Montesquieu Bordeaux IV, Institut Polytechnique de Bordeaux, Bordeaux Sciences Agro, Sciences Po Bordeaux).
  • 2010: Bordeaux 1, Bordeaux Segalen and Bordeaux IV Montesquieu sign a common strategic project agreement thus launching the process of creating a unique establishment, the new “University of Bordeaux”.
  • 1st January 2014: Exactly 573 years after its founding date, the new University of Bordeaux is re-established.

Updated on 02/05/2017