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Higher education and research are the drivers of intelligent, sustainable growth. They represent the foundations of the knowledge in which future generations and society will grow.

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Investments for the Future and the University of Bordeaux Initiative for Excellence

In 2010, the French government launched the Investments for the Future program to finance the projects that will guide the France of tomorrow. A ten year budget of €22 billion has been set aside for the key priorities of higher education and research.

Since being awarded "Campus of Excellence" in 2011, the Investments for the Future program has helped the University of Bordeaux (UBx) and its partners to structure a campus whose international outreach program is based on cutting-edge, scientific projects. These projects concern the diverse research opportunities within Bordeaux: neurosciences, health technologies (for example, cardiac rhythmology), public health, materials of the future, environment/climate, archeology, optics-photonics-laser, and informatics/certification. 

In total, 39 projects have been awarded (Laboratories of Excellence, Equipments of Excellence, University Hospital Institute, Technology Transfer Office - SATT, i-Share Cohort, etc.) and are coordinated by the University of Bordeaux, its partners, or have led to the creation of their own legal entities. To date, the University of Bordeaux and its partners continue to participate in the Investment for the Future's calls for projects, as seen with the endorsement of the MOOC "Introduction to the economy of innovation" in 2014.


As part of the Investments for the Future, the "IdEx" (Initiative of Excellence) is a structured framework for research and higher education. It aims to develop and promote five to ten multidisciplinary clusters of excellence in world-class higher education and research. The focus is on the optimum transformation of academic systems to adapt to the international realm of top-tier universities. 
(French Republic, annex to the finance draft bill for 2015, report on the implementation of the Investments for the Future monitoring, p. 27)

Implementation of IdEx Bordeaux

In close collaboration with research bodies and partner institutions, the University of Bordeaux offers innovative research, training and knowledge transfer programs.

These programs are financed with the income stemming from a €700 million endowment granted to IdEx Bordeaux. These funds must be supplemented by partner investments and external resources (ANR or European project proposals, private funding, etc.).

The members of IdEx Bordeaux are:

  • University of Bordeaux, CNRS, Inserm, Sciences Po Bordeaux, Bordeaux INP, Bordeaux Sciences Agro, Bordeaux Montaigne University (founders).
  • University Hospital of Bordeaux (CHU), Inra, Inria, Irstea, CEA, Aquitaine Regional Council (Associates).

Projects supported by the Investments for the Future

Updated on 22/01/2016