French doctoral system

The doctorate (or PhD) represents education through and about research and innovation. It is a globally recognized degree of excellence.

In France, a doctorate is generally completed over a period of three years. It follows a Master degree or another qualification of the same level.

From enrollment to Doctor

The doctoral student enrolls in a program leading to a doctorate qualification and that is headed by the doctoral school in charge of the specialty. He/she is assigned an authorized research supervisor (i.e. accredited to supervise research - HDR or potentially authorized to supervise a thesis - ADT). The laboratory provides all the material resources necessary to carry out research. The thesis supervisor guides the doctoral student through the duration of the doctoral program. A co-supervisor may be involved in the monitoring of the thesis. The scientific team is responsible for approving the research project and scientific achievements, in addition to assisting the doctoral student with post-thesis preparations.

Throughout the doctorate, the doctoral student is encouraged to develop his/her own program of study by attending scientific seminars offered by their doctoral school and/or through supplementary cross-disciplinary training. This training is coordinated by the Graduate Research School.

To complete the doctorate, the research is evaluated and validated through the drafting of a thesis manuscript and an oral presentation (viva) in front of a panel of experts. The student is then awarded with the status of Doctor.

University of Bordeaux

At the University of Bordeaux, studying for a doctorate is possible within any one of the eight doctoral schools. For all terms and conditions, refer to the doctoral school in question for your field of research.

Updated on 25/07/2019

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