What is your study profile? Are you a student coming to study in Bordeaux within the framework of an Exchange Program? Or an independent student following your studies outside the framework of an Exchange Program?

Depending on which study profile you have, let yourself be guided by our information!



Updated on 07/10/2015

Welcome contacts

Should you have any questions, our welcome contacts are here to help you!

Campus France

Campus France is the French national agency for the promotion of higher education, international student services, and international mobility. The agency may help you choose your program, look for financial assistance and prepare for your stay. Campus Bourse is the search engine for grant programs providing information about 700 different grant options.

Erasmus+ Agency

The Erasmus+ Agency in France is mandated by the European Commission since 1995 to promote and manage several European programs via the Lifelong Learning program (LLP) and Erasmus+.