A partnership that benefits both education and research across continents

Since 2017, the partnership between the University of Bordeaux (UBx) and the University of Tokyo (UT) has strengthened with a particular focus on shared projects between Bordeaux and the Institute of Industrial Science (IIS) of UT and the joint research unit, the Laboratory for Integrated Micro-Mechatronic Systems (LIMMS/CNRS-IIS UMI 2820).

  • 18/12/2019

Following an initial joint workshop organized in Tokyo in December 2018, a follow-up workshop Micro and nano-technologies for neuroscience, chemical engineering and material characterization was organized in Bordeaux in December 2019 with 50 participants in total attending, including 14 IIS researchers and the director of the IIS, Professor Toshiharu Kishi.

During this workshop, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed with the IIS which aims at a more structured collaboration between our establishments. One of the main objectives of the MoU is the launch of an international joint research group (UBx, IIS at UT, CNRS) dedicated to the domain of technologies for neuroscience, to be led by Dr. Timothée Levi, lecturer at UBx and researcher at the IMS (Integration Materials to System) laboratory.

Welcoming our Japanese colleagues to Bordeaux, Prof. Philippe Moretto, Vice-President for research at the University of Bordeaux, described the partnership as: 

…an amazing opportunity to provide access for our students and researchers to the best education and research delivered by a top-ranked institution.

P. Moretto — VP Research, UBx

During this two-day event, in addition to our shared research, the importance of student education and training within the partnership was highlighted. Presentations were given by students from the University of Bordeaux Institute of Technology showing the results of their tutored projects that were completed with teachers from IIS and locally with subject and language teachers. These projects cover diverse topics concerning ocean monitoring (OMNI project), biodata (BioData project) and the measurement of blood pressure (Attune project). 12 students are involved in these projects and many will go on the carry out their internship at the University of Tokyo.

Student training has been put at the heart of the collaboration. At the University of Bordeaux, we strongly believe in research-based education. Therefore, research that is conducted in our laboratories should nourish every aspect of our study programs and transform the way we educate our future graduates" (P. Moretto, VP Research, UBx).

The next step for the Bordeaux/Tokyo partnership is the signing of an agreement for the creation of an "International joint research group", planned for December 2020.