ASSETS+: a European Consortium for Defense Technologies

ASSETS+ (Alliance for Strategic Skills addressing Emerging Technologies in Defense) is an Erasmus+ funded project that aims to develop skills in robotics, C4ISTAR and cybersecurity.

  • 30/09/2019

With a budget of over €3 million, ASSETS+ is the only consortium funded by Erasmus+ in the Defense sector, an area selected as a priority by the European Commission in 2019, in order to “address skills gaps.” As the defense industry, its technology and business processes rapidly progress, there is an urgent need to anticipate skills requirements, to develop adapted training programs and overall, to promote the attractivity of the Defense sector in Europe for new talents.

Bringing together 30 university, industry and cluster partners (…) from 8 countries, the ASSETS+ project focuses on this common goal of preparing the human resources that will be required by the defense industry in the coming years. The consortium has been designed to address all aspects of the defense sector (aeronautics, naval, land forces) and also to target multiple participant profiles: from second level to higher education, through vocational training and advanced professional retraining. The project will focus primarily on three types of technology: Robotics, C4ISTAR and cybersecurity.

The University of Bordeaux is actively involved in ASSETS+, alongside its European partners and especially the project coordinator, the University of Pisa. The collective project also unites local stakeholders specialized in defense technologies (such as Bordeaux INP) and those who collaborate with the aeronautics sector (such as the Fondation Bordeaux Université). The launch of the ASSETS+ project is particularly fitting and timely, following the award of a label of excellence for the “Defense and Peace Bordeaux School” by the French Ministry of Defense in November 2018.

Joanne Pagèze, Vice-President for Internationalization, explains: “with ASSETS+ sectorial skills, technological intelligence, industry and higher education come together in the development of innovative and open training programs in emerging technology at the University of Bordeaux.”

Thanks to ASSETS+, the Defense sector, from SMEs to large corporations, will benefit from training programs that equip its workforce for rapidly evolving professions and that ultimately provides a pool of qualified talent. In addition, national and regional authorities will be involved in the defense strategies of their country as well as in the implementation of awareness-raising initiatives.

Hélène Jacquet, Vice-President for Strategy and Development, welcomes this project that “demonstrates our development strategy of utilizing industries and key technologies to tackle major social and economic challenges of the future. This is the result of several years of collaboration with our industrial, academic and regional partners, structuring our strengths in aeronautics and defense – a domain that has now been identified as essential for the development of Europe.”

30 partners committed to ASSETS+