BRIO cancer research designation status renewed

The BRIO project (Bordeaux recherche intégrée en oncologie, or Bordeaux integrated cancer research) had its SIRIC designation status renewed for 2018-2022 by the French National Cancer Institute in December 2017.

  • 20/03/2018

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Integrated cancer research sites, known as SIRIC, were launched by Cancer Plan 2 (2009-2013) with the aim of improving the quality and quantity of research organization, knowledge production, and innovation transfer to all potential beneficiaries. Eight SIRICs were awarded designation status in 2012, including Bordeaux Recherche Intégrée en Oncologie (BRIO), which recently had its designation status renewed for a further five years.

The BRIO SIRIC, led by Pierre Soubeyran, professor at the University of Bordeaux and Cancer Center consultant with the Bergonié Institute in Bordeaux, is made up of teams from two hospitals (Institut Bergonié and Bordeaux University Hospital), the University of Bordeaux, and various Inserm and CNRS research units. The BRIO SIRIC also works closely with the Aquitaine Oncology Network (RCA) including 51 public and private hospitals, as well as over 1000 medical doctors.

The international review board issued very positive comments not only on the review of the previous five years and of the three integrated research programs in the new project (oncogeriatrics, sarcomas and microenvironment), but also on the governance set-up, the dissemination program and collaborative actions with patients proposed by BRIO for the next five years.

For the team at BRIO, this designation status, besides the extra funding provided for the programs, will have a positive impact on cancer research in Bordeaux as a whole, through some of BRIO's actions, and also through recognition of Bordeaux as a key location for cancer research in France.

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