Bordeaux Neurocampus, a global center of excellence in neurosciences

On the 28th September, Manuel Tunon de Lara, President of the University of Bordeaux and Alain Rousset, President of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Regional Council, inaugurated the Centre Broca Nouvelle-Aquitaine at Bordeaux Neurocampus.

  • 06/10/2017

The new Centre Broca Nouvelle-Aquitaine is located at the heart of the University of Bordeaux, in the immediate vicinity of the University Hospital (CHU). A whole 15,000 m2 devoted to research on the nervous system and associated diseases. It is home to the Institute of neurogenerative diseases (IMN), the Interdisciplinary Institute for neuroscience (IINS) as well as the Bordeaux Imaging Center and other technical platforms. Walkways link it to the François Magendie Institute (Neurocentre Magendie) and the Bordeaux Functional Genomics Center (CGFB), and together they form the “Neurocampus”, covering research in neuroscience from the infinitely small to the level of the patient.

The role of the university is to continue building this space of excellence and quality. 

Manuel Tunon de Lara — President of the University of Bordeaux

Global recognition

Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Bordeaux more specifically are recognized as one of the strongholds of neuroscience on the international scene for over 40 years, thanks to the joint efforts of the University of Bordeaux and research bodies (Inserm, CNRS, Inra, etc.) The launch of Bordeaux Neurocampus, bringing together some 650 neuroscientists and research technicians in one site, is the culmination of a common goal of scientists, university figures, and the regional council itself, striving towards an innovative, voluntarist strategy in nervous system research. 

This center provides the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region with a major research complex boasting cutting-edge equipment, giving the entire neuroscience community access to an environment that fosters new ideas, research promotion and transfer, and the creation of innovative endeavors.

The project represents an investment of €67 M, mainly funded by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Regional Council, including €47 M in buildings (construction of the Centre Broca Nouvelle-Aquitaine and extension of Magendie) and €20M for development support (equipment, recruitment, etc.)

A major architectural complex

The new building is part of the architectural complex including the François Magendie Institute and the Functional Genomics Center (CGFB), and promotes efficient operational organization.

Access to the building is via the forecourt and terrace, it therefore opens onto its surroundings.

The shape is cubic and each floor is arranged in relation to the surrounding buildings. Interior walkways link the different research centers.  

The building’s compact mass minimizes energy loss. The choice of a metallic façade gives the three buildings a visual harmony, forming a coherent group

An atrium covered by a metal structure supplies the building and favors circulation and discussion among researchers. All parts of the building are designed to promote cooperation between centers. 

The laboratories and peripheral offices are lit by natural light. The cantilever design and perforated façade provide passive protection from the sun, with the addition of individually adjustable systems.