Bordeaux Summer School: Defense Security Cyber

The fourth edition of the Summer School, “Defense Security Cyber”, took place in Bordeaux from the 28th until the 30th June. Organized by Professor Sébastien Yves Laurent (vice-president in charge of societal issues - University of Bordeaux), the Defense Security Cyber (DSC) Summer School has become a unique and essential event for professionals within the defense, security and cyber-digital sectors. Master and Doctoral students may also attend the Summer School and partake in discussions that include the topic of international politics.

  • 06/07/2018

Les participants à l’école d’été Defence Security Cyber 2018 © Forum Montesquieu Les participants à l’école d’été Defence Security Cyber 2018 © Forum Montesquieu

This year, Charles-Philippe David, professor of political science at the Université du Québec in Montreal and recognized US foreign policy specialist, was invited as guest of honor and delivered a keynote speech, entitled "Welcome to Trumpland: Decision Making and Unpredictable US Foreign Policy”. In his introduction, Prof. Laurent stated "Donald Trump's behavior in regards to foreign policy is very complex, and Professor David's insight is particularly interesting". In turn, Prof. David expressed his pleasure in participating at the Defense Security Cyber Summer School describing the event as "more up-to-date, more timely and more important than ever. Using this knowledge for the good of public action underlines the importance of our universities".

During the two days, participants were able to attend conferences and debates led by speakers representing the public and private sectors as well as academics specializing in the topic of security.In addition to state and national security representatives, the industrial sector was represented (Airbus, Dassault, etc.), and the agenda featured a variety of topics covering cyber threats, artificial intelligence, big data, radical Islam, nuclear threat, etc.

The Defense Security Cyber summer school is part of the Bordeaux Summer School program, which offers a wide variety of high quality international courses. Organized every year between April and September, these sessions are a unique opportunity for participants to learn and live in Bordeaux throughout the summer months, and are open to Master and doctoral students, as well as academics and professionals.

For more information about the Defense Security Cyber Summer School, please consult their dedicated website.

For more information about the Bordeaux Summer Schools, please consult their dedicated webpage.