CNRS Talents: Bordeaux Researchers Awarded Crystal and Bronze Medals

Each year, the CNRS rewards those who have strongly contributed to its reputation and to advances in research. In the region of Aquitaine, 5 researchers were honored this year, including 4 working in joint research units with the University of Bordeaux.

  • 22/11/2019

@DR/A.Grelard/E.Chevallier/MB.Darignac @DR/A.Grelard/E.Chevallier/MB.Darignac

The 2019 Aquitaine CNRS Talents awards ceremony was held on the 12th of November at the Paul Pascal Research Center (CRPP, CNRS unit and University of Bordeaux) on the University of Bordeaux campus.

Manuel Tunon de Lara, President of the University of Bordeaux, highlighted the number of medals won by Aquitaine researchers (5 out of a national total of 87) at the ceremony, which was also attended by CNRS regional delegate, Younis Hermès, and various representatives of other supervisory bodies and partners. "This shows the value of the work carried out in our laboratories" and the ceremony was “an opportunity to celebrate together the work of a community of researchers, professor-researchers and engineers, who contribute collectively to the progress of science.”

Four of the five honorees were researchers from joint research units with the University of Bordeaux.

  • The Bronze Medal recognizes initial work completed by researchers who are specialists in their field and represents an encouragement from the CNRS to pursue ongoing and promising research projects.
    • Thibaut Caley is a CNRS researcher in paleoclimatology at the Laboratory of Oceanic and Continental Environments and Paleoenvironments (EPOC, CNRS unit, EPHE and University of Bordeaux) and specializes in the reconstruction of the paleo-hydrological cycle. His thesis was written at the University of Bordeaux under the supervision of professor-researcher Bruno Malaizé (EPOC).
    • Kevin Vynck is a CNRS researcher at the Digital Photonics and Nanosciences Laboratory (LP2N, CNRS unit, IOGS and University of Bordeaux). He is an expert in modelling the interaction of light with complex nanostructured media.
  • The Crystal Medal recognizes research support staff, who, through their creativity, technical expertise and sense of innovation, work alongside researchers to contribute to the advancement of expertise and excellence of French research.
    • Axelle Grélard is a CNRS research engineer in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy at the Institute of Chemistry and Biology of Membranes and Nano-objects (CBMN, CNRS unit, Bordeaux INP and University of Bordeaux). In particular, she is responsible for the NMR spectroscopy platform within the CBMN.
    • Julie Pierson, assistant CNRS engineer in geographic information sciences, specializes in geomatics in the Passages laboratory (CNRS unit, ENSAP Bordeaux, University of Bordeaux Montaigne, University of Pau and Pays de l'Adour and University of Bordeaux).

Alberto Dalla Rosa, professor of Roman history and expert on the institutions and economy of the Roman Empire at the University of Bordeaux Montaigne, was also awarded as a Bronze medallist. He is a member of the Ausonius laboratory and is associated with the LaScArBx LabEx.

All five researchers emphasized the fact that their individual award was recognition of the collective efforts of their respective research teams.