ENLIGHT, a European University for societal engagement selected by Erasmus+

Submitted in February 2020 in response to the Erasmus+ call for proposals, the ENLIGHT project has been selected as a European University. This consortium, composed of the University of Bordeaux and eight other European universities, aims to contribute to the transformation of European higher education. This objective focuses on providing students, in their role as engaged, citizens of the world, with the necessary resources to acquire the knowledge, skills and innovative capacity to confront the main societal transformations and to promote an equitable and sustainable quality of life.

  • 10/07/2020

Summer Schools Groningen © ENLIGHT Summer Schools Groningen © ENLIGHT

The joint project, led by the Universities of Bordeaux, Ghent (Belgium), Gottingen (Germany), Tartu (Estonia), the Basque Country (Spain), Galway (Ireland), Groningen (the Netherlands), Uppsala (Sweden) and Comenius Bratislava (Slovakia), is entitled “ENLIGHT” (European University Network to promote Equitable Quality of Life, Sustainability, and Global Engagement through Higher Education Transformation). Co-ordinated by the Universities of Ghent and Bordeaux, it’s goal is to promote quality of life, sustainability and citizen engagement at an international level via higher education transformation.  

In order to achieve these objectives, ENLIGHT will develop new systems and methods in education and research that are adapted to the complex sustainable development problems facing cities and communities today. The focus will be on five of the main societal challenges that feature among the sustainable development objectives of the United Nations and which are: health and well-being, digital transformation, climate change, energy and circularity, social inequalities.

Stéphanie Debette, Vice-President for external relations comments: “This Erasmus+ funding for ENLIGHT and the alliance of European Universities represents a major stage in the internationalization process of the University of Bordeaux, alongside its partners - eight excellent and complementary European universities that share a common vision for the future. This alliance will boost our international mobility (not only for students but also for lecturers and administrative staff) with innovative hybrid mobility options.

ENLIGHT also reflects the engagement of the partner universities to develop their education and research in order to better respond to the main societal challenges of today and tomorrow and to better guide their students on their way to becoming implicated and engaged European citizens.

With strong ties to the local regions concerned, as indicated by the sub-title “shaping our future cities and communities”, the alliance will collaborate closely with their different regional actors thanks to “living labs” and regional/European academies.

Finally, the ENLIGHT alliance, initially purely dedicated to the main topic of education via research, will also lead to new application possibilities regarding future research calls for proposal within the framework of H2020 and Horizon Europe".

ENLIGHT will permit the extension and transformation of the training offer for students registered at the University of Bordeaux.

Stéphanie Debette — Vice-President for external relations

Many thousands of ENLIGHT alumni will graduate from the teaching programs which will relay European values, an outlook centered on societal challenges and high-level research results originating from the 9 university partners based in Europe and beyond.