Experience international distance learning with Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange

Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange (E+ VE) is a program enabling students at the University of Bordeaux, and more generally all young Europeans and those from the South of the Mediterranean, aged 18 to 30, to engage in an intercultural experience online.

  • 22/04/2020

This educational program encourages and promotes intercultural dialogue, employability and citizenship through virtual exchanges and long-term discussions.

Collaborative and virtual learning beyond borders

Each week, young people representing over 40 nationalities take part in debates supervised by a facilitator, dedicated to major societal challenges such as the fight against hate speech, sustainable food systems or peace and the role of youth in conflict resolution.

This program has existed at the University of Bordeaux since 2018 and is very popular amongst students. Exchanges relate to the current challenges of a global and multicultural society and are conducted between participants from different universities. The all-English format contributes to developing fluency in speaking, but the program goes much further and allows students to develop skills that are usually associated with an international mobility period and that may be promoted in their career, on their CV.

Joanne Pagèze — Vice president for internationalization

These exchanges are based on online technologies and help develop skills and behaviors essential to any intercultural dialogue such as curiosity, empathy or awareness. While most dialogues are conducted in English, the Social Circles component is also proposed in French and Arabic.

Mainly based on peer learning, the main objectives of the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange program are to:

  • Encourage intercultural dialogue and increase tolerance through online interactions, using user-friendly digital technologies;
  • Promote different types of virtual exchanges in addition to the physical mobility offered by Erasmus+, allowing more young people to benefit from an intercultural and international experience;
  • Strengthen critical thinking and media education, in particular regarding the use of the Internet and social networks, to develop resistance to discrimination;
  • Encourage the development of students’, young people and youth workers’ personal skills, including the practice of foreign languages ​​and teamwork, in particular to improve employability;
  • Support the objectives of the 2015 Paris Declaration aimed at promoting citizenship and the common values ​​of freedom, tolerance and non-discrimination through education;
  • Reinforce the youth dimension of the European neighborhood policy with south Mediterranean countries.

The COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted this semester, removing opportunities for exchanges with others and international mobility for many of our students. Participating in E+ VE makes it possible to recover, in part, the lost international component and for any student who so wishes, to live and promote an intercultural and European experience… by "travelling" a bit during this lockdown period. 

Joanne Pagèze — Vice president for internationalization


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Participation in the Erasmus + Virtual Exchange program is completely free and, after completing the activities and meeting the success criteria, leads to obtaining an open badge attesting to the skills acquired (3 ECTS, 5 ECTS). The University of Bordeaux has implemented an agreement with the consortium which allows the communication of student monitoring and results to educational coordinators.

Student portrait

Read about Erwan who took part in the E+ VE program during the Covid-19 lockdown.