India and France share forces to put computer science in the spotlight!

On the 13th November, the launch of the international joint research unit, RELAX, was officially signed by the University of Bordeaux along with its partners in Chennai, India.

  • 15/11/2017

Left to right: M. Bidoit (CNRS), R. L. Karandikar (CMI), P. Dos Santos (UBx), V. Arvind (IMSc), K. Nakatani (Paris-Saclay)
Behind: M. Mukund & Pascal Weil (RELAX)

The newly created UMI (Unité Mixte Internationale) RELAX follows on from the international joint laboratory (LIA – Laboratoire International Associé) INFORMEL (established in 2012). It thus benefits from a longstanding and structured collaboration and will build on the basis of the core topics already established. RELAX aims to serve as a hub for Indo‐French collaboration in the field of theoretical computer science and to expand its scope to new projects.

Representing the University of Bordeaux (UBx) were Pierre Dos Santos, Vice-President of Research and Pascal Weil (Deputy Director of RELAX) from the LaBRI (Bordeaux Computer Science Research laboratory). The signature took place alongside the RELAX partners who are: CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) - France, ENS Paris‐Saclay, LSV (ENS Paris Saclay Computer Science Laboratory) – France, CMI (Chennai Mathematical Institute) - India and IMSc (Institute of Mathematical Sciences) - India.

Addressing those present at the signature ceremony, Prof. Dos Santos remarked on the tremendous development experienced by India in recent decades and on the strong investment of France in the country.

India is a priority for France, it is therefore a priority for the University of Bordeaux.

Pierre Dos Santos — VP Research, UBx

He expressed confidence concerning the further expansion of the scientific partnership between the various institutions due to the favorable context of: complementary partners sharing a basis of scientific excellence, a history of successful collaborations within the framework of the LIA INFORMEL, and numerous research exchanges, events, joint funding, co-publications, etc. achieved between India and France over the past years.

It is now time to step up to the challenge of a new level of structuration that reinforces collaboration in a field of excellence shared by our two countries.

Pierre Dos Santos —

The UMI RELAX promises top-class training and research conditions to a new generation of world class researchers, in India and France. And much more…

> For further information on this international joint research unit, please consult the article “Collaborating with India”.