Lebanon: solidarity with our partner universities

On August 4th 2020, two devastating explosions in the port of Beirut caused considerable human and material damage in the Lebanese capital. In line with the national wave of solidarity and also with its long tradition of cooperation in training and research with many Lebanese universities, the University of Bordeaux has decided to exempt registered Lebanese students from registration fees for the 2020/2021 academic year.

  • 08/09/2020

Dégâts matériels sur le campus © Université libanaise Dégâts matériels sur le campus © Université libanaise

For over a decade, the University of Bordeaux is partnered with several Lebanese universities, in particular with Saint-Joseph University (cooperation in law and health since 1995), the La Sagesse University (which hosts a delocalized training program of the MIAGE master since 2009) and the Lebanese University (since 2012). As the only public university in Lebanon, the Lebanese University’s cooperation actions focus on training doctoral students, specifically  in science and technology.

These universities are all located in the heart of Beirut and since the disaster, they have had to deal with the consequences of material damage affecting all of their campuses and also with the psychological distress of staff and students. This is why the University of Bordeaux has, in these particular circumstances, adopted measures to exempt tuition fees.

The Vice-president for external relations, Stéphanie Debette, is coordinating solidarity initiatives in close collaboration with the AquiCèdre association, which aims to facilitate the arrival and integration of new Lebanese students on the Bordeaux campus.

Lebanon 2020 campaign of the Bordeaux University Foundation

The Bordeaux University Foundation has launched fundraising from individuals and businesses to help Lebanese students in difficulty. The current context is indeed very complicated for these students since all financial flows, totally blocked until recently, do not allow them to receive the expected financial assistance from their families or scholarship Lebanese organizations.

Added to this is the decline of the Lebanese currency. Six doctoral students, whose monthly scholarships are paid by local organizations in Lebanese currency, have been impacted with their income greatly decreased. Unfortunately, the status of doctoral student in thesis does not allow them to conclude an employment contract in parallel with their studies, which blocks the possibility of “student jobs”. A sponsorship has been set up (read more - in French).