Launch of the University of Bayreuth Gateway Office in Bordeaux

On the 1st September 2020, the University of Bayreuth (UBT) “Gateway Office” was officially opened in Bordeaux. In addition to supporting the strategic partnership between our two universities, this Office will also promote collaboration with UBT’s partners in academia, industry and research funding organizations in France, southern Europe and the Mediterranean.

  • 14/10/2020

In-person UBx: S. Debette (VP External Relations) & M. Tunon de Lara (President) / Online UBT: T. Scheibel (VP Internationalization, Equal Opportunities & Diversity), S. Leible (President) & A. Heinemann (Director International Office) In-person UBx: S. Debette (VP External Relations) & M. Tunon de Lara (President) / Online UBT: T. Scheibel (VP Internationalization, Equal Opportunities & Diversity), S. Leible (President) & A. Heinemann (Director International Office)

One of the main priorities of the UBT Gateway Office is to promote both universities as institutions of excellence for research and to improve the mutual knowledge of the research teams. The Office in Bordeaux thus represents a unique contact point for researchers, postdocs, PhD candidates and students who are interested in mobility or collaboration with UBT in one of its focus areas*. By facilitating exchanges between teams in Bordeaux and beyond (southern Europe and Africa) and those in UBT Germany, it will strengthen existing collaborations and encourage the emergence of new collaborative projects such as double degrees, doctoral joint supervision, joint participation in national schemes or European framework programs, etc.

...the Gateway Office is the place to promote exchanges between students and researchers from France, southern Europe, northern Africa and those from Bayreuth. The Office will establish and maintain partnerships with local and regional institutions, both academic and economic. It will be the center point of an international network that extends to the Mediterranean basin.

Arnim Heinemann — Director of the International Office, UBT

Based within the University of Bordeaux campus site, the Gateway Office is integrated into the International Office of the University of Bordeaux and is also part of the International Office of UBT. The very first mission of the Office is to make itself known and visible within the Bordeaux ecosystem. This involves an initial phase of meetings in order to identify and develop an adapted service offer. Communication actions will be deployed rapidly, including participation in the Franco-German Forum in Strasbourg (20th and 21st November), the creation of a Twitter account (@GatewayOfficeBx) and also the publication of a specific website. Plans to participate in joint scientific events and to launch thematic networks are also in the pipeline.

Opening the UBT Gateway Office on our campus here in Bordeaux is a unique opportunity to: deepen the collaboration between our universities in a sustainable way; to explore new fields of study and research; and to engage new students and researchers in this joint venture.

Laurent Servant — Vice-President of International Networks, UBx

In line with their hub strategy which focuses on developing partnerships and collaborations in regions of particular interest, this is UBT’s third Gateway Office, following those already opened in Shanghai and Melbourne and with a fourth planned for Boston in the near future.

University of Bayreuth

The University of Bayreuth was founded in 1975 with a strong objective to encourage interdisciplinarity in its education and research. Today, UBT welcomes 13,500 students (of which approximately 2,500 are postgraduates and 11% are international) and employs 2,500 staff members. The study offer is organized according to the following disciplines and faculties:

•    Faculty of Mathematics, Physics & Computer Science

•    Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences

•    Faculty of Law, Business & Economics

•    Faculty of Languages & Literatures

•    Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

•    Faculty of Engineering Science

•    Faculty of Life Sciences: Food, Nutrition and Health

Focus on African studies

As a result of the high quality research carried out within the domain of African studies along with the numerous partnerships established with higher education and research institutions in Africa, UBT has been acknowledged as a “cluster of excellence” since September 2018. This label is attributed by the German government within the framework of its excellence strategy and the project “Africa multiple”.

* UBT specializes in research in the following “focus areas”: High Pressure and High Temperature Research; Polymer & Colloid Science; African Studies; Ecology and the Environmental Sciences; Advanced materials; Molecular biosciences; Nonlinear Dynamics; Food and Health Sciences; Innovation and Consumer Protection; Governance & Responsibility; Cultural Encounters and Transcultural Processes; Energy Research and Energy Technology.


Bérénice Kimpe
Manager - UBT Gateway Office, Bordeaux