Strong success for European research projects

Since January 2020, numerous research projects involving University of Bordeaux laboratories have been awarded European funding. Of these, ten are collaborative projects, of which six are coordinated by the university and its lecturer-researchers.

  • 05/02/2021

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Horizon 2020, the European framework program for research and innovation for 2014-2020, has now come to an end. For the University of Bordeaux, the last year of the program was a successful one, with a great deal of research funding obtained by scientists from the Bordeaux campus: ERC grants*, FET**, Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions, etc. Among these success stories, ten European collaborative research projects have been selected since January 2020, six of which are coordinated by the University of Bordeaux.

Projects described as collaborative involve an average of six to twenty academic and industrial partners from all over Europe. They are managed by a scientific coordinator whose role is mainly to guide partners in defining scientific goals and in writing up the project. When a project is selected, the coordinator is the driving force behind its implementation, making it a challenging and time-consuming role, and one that requires a wide range of skills.

In order to encourage and assist its lecturer-researchers in this process, the University of Bordeaux offers a support system via the Europe office of the Project Development and Monitoring Department ***. Support varies according to the project manager's needs: identification of funding opportunities, advice for writing up the non-scientific elements, coordination and administration of budget-related issues, etc. In addition, through the IdEx Bordeaux Europe initiative, lecturer-researchers are able to fund a dispensation for teaching or consultancy.

Project development with tailored support

Six of the selected collaborative European research projects in 2020 are coordinated by the University of Bordeaux, and therefore managed by scientists from the Bordeaux campus. The total budget is €30 M, including a European grant of €7.6 M for the institution. This grant will be used as of 2021 to recruit PhD students, post-doctoral fellows and technical staff, and also to purchase materials and equipment.

Four collaborative projects were also selected, of which the University of Bordeaux is a partner. Together, they represent a budget of €1.9 M for Bordeaux.

After this excellent showing in projects for the university in 2020, the new year starts with the launch of Horizon Europe, the next European framework program for research and innovation for 2021-2027. With a budget of €95.5 bn, it represents a number of funding opportunities. By calling onthe Project Development and Monitoring Department in the early stages, our research communities will give themselves the best possible chance of making their projects a reality.

Collaborative projects coordinated by the University of Bordeaux

Collaborative projects in partnership with the University of Bordeaux

*ERC – European Research Council

**FET – Future and Emerging Technologies

***The Project Development and Monitoring Department is part of the Research and Dissemination Directorate, within the Research, International, Partnerships and Innovation Division.


Director of the Project Development and Monitoring Department

Europe office manager