Open data in all its forms: science, pedagogy and society

Save the date for the “Innovative INOS: Bringing Open Knowledge and Innovation to Higher Education” Knowledge Café, taking place May 3rd between 6pm and 7.30pm CET. This hybrid event will allow local and online attendees to participate together in an interactive discussion on the uses of open data and its social impacts.

  • 25/04/2022

What is open data? What is the purpose of opening up data to as many people as possible? How can open data be converted to knowledge? How to co-construct data and make it accessible to all? What are the latest open data practices?...

Throughout various sessions presenting the different facets and uses of data with experts, participants will discover how data can be created, used, managed... and what its impact on society can be.

Speaker: Sylvain Lapoix, Data Journalist, Open Data consultant and trainer at Datactivist @SylvainLapoix

Animation: Antoine Blanchard, Open Data consultant at Datactivist @Enroweb

The Knowledge Café will be held both online and face-to-face in Bordeaux*. To register for this event, please consult the dedicated webpage.

*Amphitheater 3 – Pôle universitaire des sciences de gestion, 31 rue Abadie, Bordeaux

Innovative INOS: Bringing Open Knowledge and Innovation to Higher Education

The Knowledge Café is organized within the framework of the "Innovative INOS: Bringing Open Knowledge and Innovation to Higher Education” online event on 3rd - 4th May 2022.

This two-day virtual event, co-organized by the University of Bordeaux and Aalborg University, will present the results and outputs of the INOS project - Integrating Open and Citizen Science into Active Learning Approaches in Higher Education.

The event will take place over 3 thematic half-days:

  • General introduction to the main concepts of open knowledge and open innovation - May 3rd, morning
  • Workshops on pedagogical tools and best practices developed through the INOS project - May 3rd, afternoon
  • Discussions on the social and innovative role of universities through open and citizen science - May 4th, morning

To register, please consult the dedicated webpage.

For further program details and information, please consult the event webpage.

Associated partners

Co-funde by the Erasmus + Programme Of the Union European Union

This event is organized within the framework of the INOS project. This project has been funded with the support of the Erasmus+ program of the European Union under the contract No 2019-1-DK01-KA203-060268